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Name: Shannon
Name Meaning: 'Wise One' or 'Ancient One'
Nicknames: Tanko, Fire-hair, Shay, Red

Birthday: June 26, 1987
Age: 26
Birthstone: Pearl
Zodiac Sign: Cancer the Crab
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Element: Water
Planet: Moon

Currently Residing In: Upstate New York

Ethnicity: Mostly Irish, some French, and a smidge German

Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Red and wavy, to the middle of my back
Eye Color: Hazel
Likes: Smoothies, storms, art, music, movies, books, reading, psychology, philosophy, anything blue, silver glitter, black eyeliner, jewelry
Dislikes: Drugs, snow, close-minded people

Favorite Foods: Chow mein, broccolli with cheese, stuffed-crust cheese pizza
Least Favorite Foods: Green peas, meat, sea food
Favorite Subjects: English
Least Favorite Subjects: Chemistry
Favorite TV Shows: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Futurama, Family Guy, Stargate Atlantis, Chobits, American Horror Story, Dexter, The L Word, Orange Is the New Black
Least Favorite TV Shows: Reality shows

Motto: "Never apologize for saying what you feel. It's like apologizing for being real."
Favorite Quote: "I will love you more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow."

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, writing poetry, creating web-sites, graphic designing, knitting, playing World of Warcraft

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