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Sailor Moon: 

-Moon Prism Power (gif here)

  + Serena puts her hand up in the air first and yells "Moon Prism Power!" Her arms are out at her sides as she spins a few times. Next, pink ribbons flow from her brooch and wrap around her body forming a body suit and her front bow. She crosses her arms in front of her face and her gloves form, then her boots form. Several little moons spin around her and form her skirt and back bow. As she leans back, a gem appears in the middle of her forehead glowing and forms her tiara, and then the rest of her jewelry appears.

Sailor Moon R:

-Moon Crystal Power (gif here)

 + Serena holds her brooch up in the air and yells "Moon Star Power!", then moves her other hand in front of it. She holds the brooch in the middle of her chest and it stays there, wings sprouting from behind her and enveloping her, then disappearing to reveal her body suit and front bow. She holds her arms above her and her gloves form, then her skirt and boots form. The wings appear again for only a second and her tiara and jewelry appear.

Sailor Moon S:

-Moon Cosmic Power (gif here)

 + Serena's brooch opens and she moves her hand across it to activate it. It appears in the middle of her chest and she's surrounded by a blue heart that she spins within. Pink ribbons appear and form her body suit and front bow. She holds her arms out to the sides and ribbons create her gloves. She leans back supporting herself on one leg with the other in the air, and her boots form. Standing upright she twirls with her arms at her sides while blue ribbons form her skirt. As the heart disappears, her tiara and jewelry appear on her. Giving one last turn, she poses.

- Crisis Power with the Holy Grail (gif here)

 + Sailor Moon holds the chalice above her head and it opens, enveloping her in a bright light as she's leaning forward. The light vanishes and butterflies are all around her. She twirls and the camera zooms in on her new tiara and bow. Then she poses with her arms to the side, wearing multi-colored butterfly wings.

Sailor Moon SuperS:

- Moon Crisis Power with Chibi-Moon (gif here)

 + Serena activates her locket and then Rini does, and they stand side by side. Next they turn to their right and pink ribbons fly out of their lockets. Serena spins as her body suit and front bow form and then Rini does. They both spin together as their hair pieces appear and then their skirts. As they stand back to back their jewelry appears and then they do a couple of spins and pose.

Sailor Moon Stars:

- Silver Crystal Power (gif here)

+ Serena yells "Silver Crystal Power" Instantly, pink light and white feathers surround her, and you get a close-up shot of the glowing yellow moon on her forehead and the pink heart in the middle of her chest, her whole body glowing pink as well. She has big out-strectched white wings, and sort of leans forward and twirls to the left, transforming as she does. Her pose consists of her standing on her right leg with her left one up, foot next to right knee, and right arm up with her hand almost in a salute, left hand on her waist.

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