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 Well, first off, I was bored. ^-^ I wanted to make a new website. But on who, I didn't know. I was looking through Lycentia's Web Graphics Shop when I saw the prettiest layout ever. It was Manga Super Sailor Moon with wings with flowers (marigolds?) around her. I loved the layout so much I decided to make a Serena shrine just so I could use it. *sweatdrop* To be truthful, I never really liked Serena at all. She always seemed like such a ditz and a crybaby to me. As the site progressed and I added more stuff, I also got to reading lots of information about her, anime and manga, and it made me respect her. So now, as a loving Serena-fan, I shall continue to keep this site going. If it hadn't been for Lycentia's awesome graphic skills, this site would of never been created. ^_^ I give thanks to my many friends, on-line and in real life, who have supported my decisions and encouraged me to keep Bishoujo Tenshi open, even when my reviews weren't the greatest. I love you guys!

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