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These are just a few of my favorite quotes of from Serena throughout the series...

"I don't wanna be the Moon Princess! Not Sailor Moon, not Moon Princess, not anything! I just want to be a normal teenage girl!" - Sailor Moon to the Inner Scouts

"If you haven't noticed, that's my boyfriend you're draped all over." - Serena to Rini

"We were meant to be. The whole thing is total destiny. And it's not smart to get in the way of destiny. Don't even think of trying to take away my boyfriend!" - Serena to Rini

"Cosmic Moon Power! Fight this evil! Do not give up Serena, you can do this. I am not letting you win this one you witch. My friends are counting on me. (has visions of Amy: Hey Serena, I'll help you with this assignment if you want!, Raye: You are so stubborn Serena! Let us help or I'll never speak to you again!, Lita: Yeah, let us help you put her away - still too many guys we got to meet, and Mina: Let us help, we haven't known each other long enough for it to end yet.) I do need all of you, please, help me. (Sailor Mercury's ghost: Mercury Power!, Sailor Mars's ghost: Mars Power!, Sailor Jupiter's ghost: Jupiter Power!, Sailor Venus's ghost: Venus Power!)  Cosmic Moon Power, Unite!" - Princess Serena while fighting Queen Beryl with the ghosts of the Scouts helping her

"You must only take revenge on me. Give me back my friends, please! Don't worry, everyone understands...They will become your friends...Now, take revenge on me..." - Serena to Queen Nehelenia in episode 172

"I believe it's important for everyone to work together." - Serena referring to the people at a festival

"Guys are called a Peeping Tom when you come to see a pretty girl's room at night! " - Serena to Seiya as she finds him standing below her bedroom window

"Studying is important, but sometimes it's important to play and have good time too!" - Serena to Amy at the beach as she takes her textbook away

"I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love, courage, and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" - Sailor Moon's in-famous speech

"I'm Usagi Tsukino, 16 years the first year of high school. I'm a bit rash and a crybaby...but, I'm actually an agent of love and justice...pretty soldier, Sailor Moon!" - Serena's last words at the end of episode 200

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