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Japanese Name: Tsukino Usagi
Name Pronunciation: Sue-KEY-no Ooh-SAH-gee
Name Meaning: Rabbit of the Moon
Japanese Voices:
 - Mitsuishi Kotono
 - Araki Kae (substitute for episodes 44-50)

English Name: Serena Tsukino
Name Meaning: Calm, serene
English Voices:
 - Terri Hawkes (episodes 12, 14-20, 22-40, 42-82)
 - Tracey Moore (episodes 1-11, 13, 21, 41)
 - Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon S)

Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 4'11"

 - 14 when she becomes a scout
 - 16 when she decides to stop being a scout
 - 21 when she gets married to Darien
 - 22 when she has Rini
Birthday: June 30 , 1978
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Planet: Moon
Birthstone: Pearl
Blood Type: O
Blood Type Meaning: Workaholic, insecure, emotional

Likes: Junk food, anything sweet, pearls, pure white rabbits, video games, comic books, shopping
Dislikes: Dentists, English, studying, storms, surprise tests, softball

Grade: 8th (when the series begins)
School: Crossroads Junior High (anime; originally Juuban), Juuban High School

Favorite Colors: White and Pink
Favorite Animal: Rabbits
Favorite Gemstone:
Favorite Foods:
Ice cream, nikuman (meat-filled steamed bun), butterscotch pudding (provided by Hotaru from D.R.R), peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Least Favorite Food: Carrots 
Favorite Subjects: Home Economics, Music
Least favorite subjects: Math, English
Dream: To be a bride 
Lives with: Her mother, father, brother, cat, and (later on in the seasons) Rini

Sailor: Moon
Element of Influence: Light
Ruling Planet: Moon
Day of the Week: Monday

Nicknames: Meatball Head, Odanga (Dumpling, nickname from Seiya), Usako (manga)
Identities: Serena Tsukino, Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serena, Neo-Queen Serenity, Sailor Cosmos (manga only)

My opinion: To be truthful, I didn't like Serena much in the beginning of the series. All she seemed like was a crybaby, always sucking up to get what she wanted, a total ditz. As the series progressed though, I started to respect her more. Like before the other scouts came, she had to defeat the villain by herself, with only her Crescent Moon Wand, Luna's advice, and her courage. In her first battle with the monster at Molly's mom's jewelry store, she freaked out, but Luna told her to use her tiara and she did, thus destroying the villain. As I continued to watch the show, it showed that Serena was a normal girl, like any of us. She loved to eat junk food, sleep a lot, hang out with her friends, go shopping, and chase boys with her friends. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? What really made me respect her though was that no matter what happened, she was a loyal friend, always putting her life on the line to save her friends. She never gave up, and even though she occasionally freaked out, she always managed to pull through. When I started to read the manga, it showed Serena in a different light. She seemed more mature, more independent I guess the word could be. Considering it was Naoko's work though, that could be why, yes? In the anime, a lot of things were switched around and changed, which would mean I interpreted Serena's actions wrong, and just went by what the show was like, instead of looking at it from both points of view. So now, Iíve seen Serena from the anime and the manga point of view, and I respect her a lot more.

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