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This encyclopedia won't be really big, considering it's consisted of Serena's items. Enjoy what I have, and more will come soon as I can think of more. If you have any donations, please feel free to send them to Full credit will be given as well!

* Credit goes to Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millennium for this info
** Credit goes to Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millennium for this image
*** Credit goes to Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millennium for this info and image
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Brooch: The item Serena uses to transform in the first series

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Communicator: This is what Serena and the others used to contact each other in the first series. It resembles a flat computer-type thing that's small enough to fit in their pocket.****

Communicator Watch: These have the same purpose as the communicator, although they get these in R, kind of like an item-update.

Compact: This is what Serena uses to transform. She has several ones, such as: Crystal Star, Cosmic, and Crisis Heart compact.

Crescent Moon Wand: The first power stick Sailor Moon gets from Luna in the first season. As she nears an enemy, the stick beeps, the closer she/it gets, the louder the beeping gets.

Cutie Moon Rod: Serena's second power stick, that she receives from her mother, in R. She gets it while visiting her mother in the past for a new silver imperium crystal to replace the one she had in her compact (it had been shattered by the monster she had been fighting, and when it shattered she de-transformed and was somehow sent into the past).

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Eternal Moon Article: Serena's compact in the Sailor Stars series.****

Eternal Tier
: The scepter that Eternal Sailor Moon uses to perform "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss"

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Final Tier: The weapon Eternal Sailor Moon uses to perform "Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss". It's made up of the Eternal Tier and Rainbow Moon Chalice.*

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Holy Grail: The chalice that is used to wake up the messiah. Sailor Moon uses it to power-up and become Super Sailor Moon, making her the messiah. However, it is destroyed by Mistress 9.

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Moon Kaleidoscope: The power stick Super Sailor Moon gets in Super S from Pegasus.

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Pen: The transformation Serena receives from Luna in the first season to disguise herself.

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Rainbow Moon Chalice: This attaches to the Eternal Tier to create the Final Tier.***

Ring: The ring Darien gives Serena before he leaves to go to the United States.

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Silver Crystal: Used as a power source for Serena's brooches and weapons. Was first used by Queen Serenity back in the Silver Millenium to vanquish Queen Beryl, and then to send the scouts and cats to Earth to be re-born, which drained the last of her energy and killed her. If Sailor Moon uses it for too long or uses too much, it will drain her, causing her to pass out, or even die, such as in the Sailor Moon R movie.

Spiral Heart Moon Rod: This is the rod Sailor Moon receives in Sailor Moon S. It is created by the love of Darien and Serena.

Star Locket: A locket given to her by Prince Darien in the past as a symbol of their love.**

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Tiara: The jewelry accessory all the scouts wear on their foreheads. Sailor Moon is the one who has ever used it as an attack (i.e. Moon Tiara Action).**

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