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 Serena woke up one morning to find she overslept, like any other morning. She rushed to get ready and eat, and finally made it out the door, running as fast as she could. As she ran past a junkyard, she noticed four little boys crowding around something on the ground, laughing. As she drew closer, she saw that they were tying bags around a cat's paws, and she yelled at them to go away and leave the cat alone. After she untied the bags, she saw a band-aid in the middle of the cat's forehead. Once she removed it, she was startled.

 There was a crescent moon on the cat's forehead! Before she had time to start freaking out, she remembered she was supposed to going to school, so she turned and ran away. After school, she was walking past a shop window and saw the sign for the Sailor V video game. Behind a sign next to the shop, the cat was standing there and watching her, and followed her home. As Serena went into her room, the cat came through her window. Once the cat started talking, Serena freaked out. The cat told Serena that her name was Luna, and that she was looking for Sailor Moon, and that she thought Serena was Sailor Moon. She gave Sailor Moon a compact and told her to say "Moon Prism Power!" so she did, and morphed into Sailor Moon.

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