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Sailor Moon:

- Sailor Moon Kick (pic here)

+ The first time she uses this is during the first episode. All she does is simply jump in the air and while coming down at an angle, kicks them.

-Moon Tiara Action (gif here)

+ Sailor Moon takes off her tiara and holds it in front of her and spins, then poses a moment as it turns into a disc She says "Moon Tiara..." as she pulls her arm back and then yells "Action!" as she throws it towards the enemy. This is her first attack as Sailor Moon, and it's used to destroy villains.

-Moon Healing Activation (gif here)

+ Sailor Moon's wand appears and she holds it in the air. While drawing a golden circle of light around her, she says "Moon Healing..." and when she ends it at the top she yells "Activation!". Sailor Moon got her Crescent Moon Wand from Luna. It's used to heal people, and villains, through the Sailor Moon season.

Sailor Moon R:

-Moon Scepter Elimination (gif here)

+ Sailor Moon's pulls her arm back and says "Moon..." then pulls her arm across and up and says "Scepter..." then brings her arm back across, up and down and yells "Elimination!". The Cutie Moon Rod is used to perform this attack. She gets it after visiting her mother in the past for a new silver imperium crystal to replace the one she had in her compact (it had been shattered by the monster she had been fighting, and when it shattered she de-transformed and was somehow sent into the past). As she looked up to the sky after the Cutie Moon Rod fell into her lap, Queen Serenity's face was in the Moon.  It's used to eliminate the enemy.

Sailor Moon S:

-Moon Spiral Heart Attack (gif here)

+ First Sailor Moon's wand appears and she does a twirling performance and then poses at the end with her wand up. She says "Moon..." then starts to spin and says "Spiral Heart..." as she lowers to her knees and then stops and yells "Attack!" as hearts fly out of her wand. The wand used for this is the Spiral Moon Heart Rod, created by the love between Serena and Darien. It's also used to destroy villains.

-Rainbow Moon Heart Ache (gif here)

+ She says "Rainbow..." as she holds the wand up in the air. As she starts to twirl, she says "Moon...". Then, when she lowers to her knees she says "Heart..." she stops and poses with her wand in the air she yells "Ache!" as hearts fly out in ribbons. The same wand is used for this attack, with the same purpose, but she's Super Sailor Moon, so the attack is more powerful.

Sailor Moon Super S:

-Moon Gorgeous Meditation (gif here)

+ Super Sailor Moon's wand appears and she grabs it, then poses with it behind her back. Next, she  holds it in front of her and wings sprout out above the handle. After posing with the wand, she says "Moon...",  then brings it down, around and back in front of her and says "Gorgeous...", then extends her arm and yells "Meditation!" as things that resemble broken glass fly out. The wand used for this attack is the Moon Kaleidoscope, given to Super Sailor Moon by Pegasus. She attacks with this wand after Sailor Chibi-Moon uses her Twinkle Bell to call on Pegasus, who gives power to the Kaleidoscope.

Sailor Moon Stars:

- Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss (gif here)

+ The Eternal Moon Tier appears and Eternal Sailor Moon grabs it, saying "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!" as she turns and takes a stance, beams flying out of her wand.

- Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss (gif here)

+ Eternal Sailor Moon says "Silver Moon"  and while white feathers fly upwards, she holds the wand in the air and twirls around. Then, she  says "Crystal" as yellow beams shoot out of the top of the wand, and then twirls one then twice while saying "Power" then stands with her feet apart and both hands holding the wand up and yells "Kiss!" and wide yellow beams shoot out. (Was made possible by an upgrade of her Eternal Moon Tier by Sailor Chibi Chibi)

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