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Luna talks to Serena for the first time
Sailor Moon dancing
Serena and Mina engage in a water fight
Princess Serenity kills Queen Metallia
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask find out about Rini being theirs
Serena talking about food
Serena trying to cook
Super Sailor Moon uses her crystal
Super Sailor Moon saves Rini
Serena watches Lita teach Mina to cook
Sailor Moon turns into Princess Serenity
Serena becomes Serenity and her crystal becomes a sword
Serena transforms with the Luna Pen
Serena tells off Michelle when Michelle asks Darien to dance
Serena says goodbye to Rini as she leaves
Serena eating
Serena crumples her test and throws it over her shoulder
Serena transforms into Princess Serenity
Serena and Amy go shopping
Serena almost gets kissed by Seiya
Sailor Moon standing with her hair waving in the air
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars meet Sailor Mini-Moon
Rei speaks to Serena
Princess Serenity helps Sailor Galaxia become good
Princess Serenity and Prince Darien share their last kiss
Inner scouts perform Sailor Teleport
Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus protect Sailor Moon
Inners concentrate and break loose of their bindings
Darien, Amara, and Michelle step on Serena in an attempt to save a tea-cup
Sailor Moon riding a bike in her dream*
Serena waking up*
Serena freaking out during a tea ceremony*
Serena and Mina fighting over Taiki's book*
Neo-Queen Serenity praying
Star Fighter images Kakyuu is Serena
Eternal Sailor Moon looking to the right
Inners hitting a punching ball

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